Simbang Gabi & Posadas

What is Simbang Gabi?


"Simbanga Gabi" is Filipino for Night Mass and is a devotional nine day novena of masses each day, celebrated the nine days before Christmas. Simbang Gabi is a beautiful devotion that transcends cultures, we invite all our parishioners to partake in this wonderful preparation for Christmas.

Simbang Gabi at St. John of God 

The Masses will start on December 15 and go on until December 23 daily at 7pm. On certain days the Simbang Gabi mass will be combined with the parish Spanish mass (December 16, 19, & 23). 


On the following days, a reception will follow the Mass in one of the halls: 

Saturday Dec. 15, Tuesday Dec. 18, & Sunday Dec. 23


What are Posadas?

The Posadas are also a novena tradition that takes place in anticipation of Christmas. its primarily celebrated by Hispanics in parts of Latin America. Posada in Spanish means lodging or accommodation and they consist of the reenactment of the Holy Family looking for a place to stay in Bethlehem. Once the family is given a place, then the participants gather to pray. The tradition may vary between participants and cultures.  

Posadas at St. John of God

Posadas this year will take place from Dec. 16 - Dec. 23 at 7pm daily in the Large or Small Halls 

of the Parish. Although the Posadas are typically in Spanish, All are Welcome!