Weddings at St. John of God

Your wedding should be a joyful and happy event. The following information is intended to help you achieve this, and to ensure that your wedding will have a dignity, decorum and warmth that befits such a sacred and joyous celebration. Catholics are reminded that they are receiving a sacrament in the Catholic Church and therefore should be honest about the practice of their faith as they prepare for the Sacrament of Matrimony.


Place & Time of Wedding

According to the regulations of the Los Angeles Archdiocese, weddings are held inside a catholic church only. Weddings at St John of God are usually held on Saturdays at either 10:30am or 2:00pm. You may choose an alternate weekday, which will be approved by the priest. We do not do Sunday weddings. 

Basic Requirements

Before you begin your wedding preparation at St. John of God you will need to make sure you call to begin this process at least 6months prior to the date you wish to get married. If you want to marry out of the country or state, you’ll need to begin the preparation at least 1 year prior. 

To check for date availability, you will need to meet with the priest, this can be discussed at the first meeting. If later throughout the process of preparation there is a need to change the date, you will need to submit a written request that will then need approval of the priest. 

Wedding Donation

The wedding donation is $600 dollars. This does not include the stipend for the wedding coordinator or the music for the wedding ceremony. A depositof $100 dollars is needed to secure your date after the priest has approved it during your first meeting. 

Additional payments may be needed and will be determined on a case by case basis. (Archdiocesan paper work processing fees) 

Steps to be Taken

  • The First Step will be to set up an appointment with a priest at St John of God. In this first meeting both of you will have a chance to go over dates, and wedding preparation process based on the couples situation (ie. Interfaith marriages, convalidations etc.) . You may call the Parish office to book this appointment. 
  • After your first meeting, you will set up a time to complete the FOCCUS Test. This questionnaire will help form the basis of the counseling you’ll have with the priest. 
  • Based on the first meeting with the priest, you will also then set up a date/weekend to complete the engaged encounter or marriage preparation retreat. (after the FOCCUS test)
  • The bride and groom will be asked to provide 2 witnesses each to fill out the “freedom to Marry” forms. The witnesses may make an appointment directly with the office to fill out these forms. The person they are signing for must have already turned in their baptismal certificate in order for the witnesses to sign. 
  • Further appointments may be made with the priest on a case by case basis.


  • A 6 months recent copy of the baptism certificate needs to be requested from the baptismal church. You must tell them to include notations and that it is for the purpose of marriage. 
  • Copies of your First Communion and Confirmation Certificates are also needed. 
  • A marriage License will also be required if the couple is not already civilly married. 
  • Other documents may be required on a case by case basis. 

Group Weddings 2017

Group Weddings 2017

Group Weddings 2017

Ceremony Policies

At the first meeting with the priest, you will be provided a folder with information regarding the policies for florists, video, and photography. These are to be read and communicated to the vendors so they are aware of what can be done and not be done during the mass. 

St. John of God has a limit of six Bridesmaids and six Ushers in addition to the Best Man and Maid of Honor. Ring Bearer and Flower Girl(s) MUST be mature enough to participate in the ceremony and or procession, and also be at least 4 years old. 

The Music

The music for the mass is not included in the $600.00 church donation. You will be provided with a list of our parish musicians that you may choose from, or you are welcome to bring a choir/musician of your choosing, as long as they submit the song selections before the mass to be approved by the parish liturgist.

Readings & Rehearsals

Readings: You will be asked to provide 2 lectors who can read the scripture during the ceremony. These lectors will need to be present at the rehearsal and have the ability to read clearly and audibly. 

Rehearsals: The Rehearsals are to be coordinated directly with the wedding coordinator provided by the parish. Rehearsals are usually the week before and take place at 6:30pm. 

Group Weddings

Once a year, St John of God hosts a group wedding. These weddings are for couples who are married civilly and want to bring their marriage into the church by having it blessed before God. For the year 2018, the group weddings in Spanish and English will be held in November. 

A minimum of 6 months time is still required of the couple to go through preparation. But the time may change depending on special situations such as previous marriages (whether they be civil or sacramental). The cost of the group weddings is less and entails a simpler preparation, but is certainly as joyous and as solemn as a regular individual wedding.