How Can I Offer a Mass?

There are 2 ways to have a Mass offered. The first way is to come to the parish office and sign up for a date 2 weeks in advanced in our Mass Intention Book. Although you may call to check date availability, we do not reserve the slot until you come in person. There is no set cost for offering a mass, you are welcome to give a donation of however much you can. When your preferred date is not available in the book you have another option. 

The Second option is to show up 15 minutes before the mass you want offered and behind the altar, in the sacristy, asking for a "Mass Intention" envelope. You will fill out the information on the envelope and include a donation of however much you would like inside it. After, you hand it to the sacristan (the person that is helping the priest get ready for mass) and they will make sure the priest gets it during the Mass. 

How do I Register as a Parishioner?

In the Parish Office we have a registration card. You are welcome to fill this out and turn it in. Being registered is important and can come in handy in cases where you need to be a godparent/sponsor, need a reference letter for court or immigration purposes, or need permission to complete a sacrament at another parish. 

Registering as a parishioner and using the donation envelopes filled out with your donation can help by recording your regular donations to the church. at the end of the year, we can then provide you a statement of the amount you donated over the year, for your tax purposes. 

How do I Request a Sacrament Certificate?

If you need a copy of your Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, or Marriage Certificates, you may obtain it by calling the parish office to request it. Once you have requested it, the office will let you know when it will be ready to pick up. Requesting a certificate may take anywhere from 2 days to 1 week. The cost for this is $10 per certificate copy.  

PLEASE NOTE: When picking up your certificate, you must provide a picture ID  to make sure that the person who the certificate is for, is the one picking it up. The only exception to this is when a parent/guardian is requesting a certificate copy for their child who is a minor (under 18yrs old). Please call the Parish Office if you need to make arrangements to have someone pick this up for you. 


We can send you the certificate via mail when you send us the following: 

whether by mail or email you send us a picture ID copy with your written request, your phone number, and the address to which we will mail this to. Through the mail you may send us the $10 fee (cash or check made to: St. John of God). We will send the certificate as soon as we receive the payment. We unfortunately do not have electronic payment options.   

How Can I Have a Priest Bless Our House?

If you live in Norwalk and within the St. John of God parish boundaries then we can schedule for a priest to go bless your house by calling the parish office during weekday hours. This is something that is free of charge, although you are welcome to give the priest a donation if you would like to. 

How Do I Add a Name to the Bulletin Prayers?

If you, or someone you know needs prayers because they are sick or have recently passed away, you may call the Parish Office to give the names for them to be added onto our prayer list for Sunday Mass or for the bulletin. 


If you were not able to find your question, please look onto the above tabs. You can find the answer to your question there. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please call the parish office.