English speaking communities

Bible Study


Fr. Pius leads a bible study every Thursday 7pm in the Small Hall. The class is yearly and begins in the Fall, but anyone is welcome to sit in on the class.

Couples for Christ


Couples for Christ is a "womb to tomb" ministry, meaning there is something for everyone! We meet every 3rd Sunday of the month in the Small Hall from 2:30pm to 5pm. See you there! click here for more info on 

Legion of Mary

Our Legion of Mary English Group meets every Monday at 6:00 pm.

Carmelite Tertiary Group (O. Carm)


Spanish speaking communities

Encuentro Matrimonial


Somos una comunidad de parejas casadas, y nuestras reuniones son dirigidas para ayudar a parejas mejorar su matrimonio. Nos juntamos cada viernes a las 7pm en el salon 13. 

Legion de Maria


Venga a orar con nosotros cada Lunes a las 10:00am en el centro parroquial. 

Estudio Biblico


Padre Pio conduce un estudio biblico en Español cada Martes a las 7pm en el Salon Chico. Las clases comenzaron en Septiembre, pero puede venir a escuchar la clase. 



Los invitamos a nuestra comunidad familiar! Nos juntamos cada Miercoles en el Salon Chico de 7pm a 8:30pm. Los esperamos! 

Seguidores de Cristo y Maria


Los invitamos a nuestra familia en Cristo! Nos juntamos los Lunes a las 7pm en el Salon Chico y a las 7pm los Viernes en el Salon Grande. Los esperamos!

filipino community

El Shaddai Group


They gather to do praise and worship, teach in, and fellowship every Saturday at 3:00 pm at the Small Hall.

Filipino Ministry


This is the organization of the various Filipino family of the parish who provides support in many of the activities and programs of the parish. They also organize the Simbang Gabi every December, Salubong on Easter Sunday, and the monthly Filipino Mass which is held every 4th Sunday of the month. They also help in the fiesta. They coordinate with other Filipino groups and organizations in the parish.